How fast can you ship?

Usually it takes up to 5 working days to manufacture a photo book. Shipping to the US can take about 5-7 business days outside of peak seasons. The rest of the world may take up to 10 days or more. Please be advised that these times are all estimates.

Do you print my book?

Book manufacturing and payment processing is provided by our print-on-demand partner (Peecho).

There is an issue with my photo book. What can I do?

Sometimes an order arrives defected. In that case, we will fix it with a reprint free of charge. Please, send all the details to [email protected] and will be happy to help you. Since a photo book is being printed only because a specific customer ordered it, we are not able to sell it to another customer. Therefore, we cannot issue a refund.

I don’t like some photos in the book I received. Can you remove them and reprint it?

During the book generation process a customer can delete photos that he/she/they doesn’t like. By clicking the Order photo book button, you give your consent that you previewed your book and want to print it. Therefore, reprint would cost you a full price. You can do it by creating a new order on create.

How can I delete my profile?

To delete your Easy Photo Book profile:

  • Click your profile picture in the top right of Easy Photo Book.
  • Click My Profile.
  • Click Delete account, then confirm it in a pop-up window.

What is the status of my order?

To check the status of your orders:

  • Click your profile picture in the top right of Easy Photo Book.
  • Then click My Orders.

What photo book sizes are available?

Easy Photo Book is available as 8.3x8.3 inches hardcover photo book with glossy pages.

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